Nieuw rapport van Doro: Technologie als oplossing voor de Silver Tsunami


Ter gelegenheid van het Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, publiceert telefonieproducent en technologische dienstverlener Doro een Europees rapport over hoe technologie de toekomstige uitdagingen kan oplossen en kansen kan creëren met betrekking tot de vergrijzing van de bevolking. Het rapport illustreert hoe smart technologie voor senioren niet alleen het individu ten goede komt, maar […]

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Doro reinforces the management team and introduces a new structure


Doro, today market leader in mobile phones for seniors, implements organizational changes to establish a leading position as digital care service provider in Europe.

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Doro appoints Robert Puskaric as new CEO and President


Doro’s Board of Directors has appointed Robert Puskaric as new CEO and President, with stationing at Doro’s head office in Lund and effective from February 1, 2017. Robert Puskaric joins Doro from his current position at Ericsson.

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Doro centers top management team to Lund, prepares CEO change and changes guidance


Jérôme Arnaud will leave Doro but continue as CEO until the already-initiated recruitment process is completed. Non-recurring restructuring costs of circa 21 MSEK will be booked in Q4 for the planned CEO change, the closure of one R&D site in France and some staff optimization in Sweden. Operating profit (EBIT), including the non-recurring restructuring costs for the full year 2016, is expected to be in the range of 40 to 50 MSEK, revising the previous forecast of an EBIT somewhat below the outcome for 2015.

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